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Nathelie Zetrenne-Norman

Self-Published Author, Copywriter, and Self-Publishing Coach



My passion for writing and publishing has led me to offer a diverse array of services at Z House Publishing. Whether you need help with copywriting, ghostwriting, freelancing, or self-publishing, I am here to work alongside you. I bring expertise, creative skills, and attention to detail to each project, ensuring that your vision is brought to life with high-quality writing. With clear communication and a thorough understanding of your goals, I'll take care of the details, so you can focus on your unique brand and message.

A premier offering that will be launching soon is the Indie Ink Self-Publishing Mentorship Program. This program allows for aspiring authors to participate in cohort style or 1-1 self publishing coaching and consultation services. I am here to guide you through the self-publishing journey and help you bring your dreams to reality.

Copywriting & Freelancing
Ghostwriting & Publishing
Self-Publishing Mentorship



I'm Nathelie, an author, self-publishing coach and freelancer. I never intended to become an author, but my love for books and writing has taken me places I'd never expect to go. While writing as a contributing writer for brands, self-publishing my own books and assisting aspiring authors with tips and tricks of the trade; I decided to launch Z House Publishing.


My journey as an author and copywriter has been one that has allowed me to see the impact the writing community can make on the world. Through books, articles and even screenplay; worlds unite and dreams can become a reality. As authors our books are a gifts that can unlock worlds we never would have imagined being able to experience. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to create worlds for people like myself, where we see ourselves thriving and are seen as worthy and important.  I love the feeling of getting lost in a great book, and my goal is to offer aspiring authors support and a community where they can create and experience that same sense of escapism. 



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I was honored at a gala and needed to give a honorary speech. I utilized Nathelie's ghost writing services. During the consultation she was very thorough and detail oriented.  The speech she curated for me was amazing. She saved me a lot of headache. She definitely has a knack for words. 
                                                     - Jo Moses


I completed Nathelie's 1-1 self-publishing mentorship. I am a new writer planning to publish a children's book. The step-by-step support and clarity given to me was extremely helpful. Nathelie provided me with tons of resources to use even after our sessions. Working with her made me feel more confident about publishing my book. Seeing the progress we made is really exciting and I now have a release date set. She's been a big help!
                                                                              -Kristel Allen







My primary goal is to offer delightful adventures through the magic of words, metaphors, and analogies. Whether your interest lies in self-publishing, enhancing your brand or business through captivating copywriting, or joining forces on a project you have in mind, I'm eager to engage in a conversation and explore how I can be of help. Please complete the form below, and I'll be in touch with you shortly.

                -Nathelie Zetrenne-Norman

Thanks for reaching out!


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